Roll 4 Confidence

Level Up Your Confidence and Social Skills Through Roleplaying Games

A colored sketch of four players in costume sitting around a table playing a role playing game. At the head of the table, the Game Master gesticulates. The background is made up of shelves full of books and figurines.

How do you roll for confidence?

Training your confidence, getting over social anxiety, and practicing communication and social skills can be hard.

So why not have some fun while you practice this with friends as you battle some dragons and hunt for treasure?

Roll4Confidence combines psychology with tabletop roleplaying games. Switch into the role of a heroic adventurer and play in an epic fantasy story that is created especially for you and the skills you want to train.

A colored pencil sketch of a young Halfling Artificer, looking into the camera with a peaceful glance.

This is Frederick D. A. Fiddlefoot, the young Halfling Artificer who had to deal with bullies making fun of his inventions. That’s who I played as I was learning to deal with bullies.

Expert Interview

Listen to my interview with Dr. Megan A. Connell, author of Tabletop Role-Playing Therapy


Listen to me play with my Psychologists off the Clock 
Podcast Co-hosts
Michael the DM as a colored sketch, sitting in an electric wheelchair with a flame of courage burning in his hand.

About me

Hi, I am Michael, and I will be your Game Master and Trainer through this epic story!

I have been training people in developing their confidence and social skills since 2016.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games were also my happy place during my teenage years, as I was battling with deep insecurities, social anxiety, and bullying.

It was only in 2021, watching Critical Role, that I realized what an amazing opportunity these cooperative games offer for self-development!

In 2023, I trained and got certified as a Therapeutic Game Master. And now I enjoy nothing more than to guide groups of intrepid adventurers toward treasure and fame, while they navigate all the intricacies of human connection, working as a team, and developing their social skills. And not even dragons can stop them!